Welcome to The Glow Addict! 

About Me

Hey there! I’m a licensed esthetician based in New York. Here I’ll be sharing my reviews and musings on everything skincare related.

You may be wondering, how did I become so interested in skincare?

Growing up I had horrible skin. It was plagued with persistent cystic acne which affected my self-esteem greatly. It really took a toll on me psychologically and I was always self-conscious of how my skin looked. I didn’t understand why nothing was working for my skin despite all of these dermatologist visits and expensive products. At the time, I didn’t know that there was more to skincare than just applying a bunch of random products and hoping that one would work.

My skin problems followed me until I graduated from college, and that’s when I decided that I finally had enough. I wanted my skin to change for the better, so I decided to spend more time researching how I could improve it. I started looking into how ingredients and product formulations affected my skin rather than the marketing on the packaging. Everything started making sense once I understood how to properly care for my skin.

Through my blog, I hope to share as much information so I can help others who are interested and want to learn more about skincare. I look forward to continuously learn more about esthetics and skincare every day!

Skin Type

My skin type is oily, dehydrated, and acne prone. Sounds amazing, right? As a result, many of the products I try tend to have a focus on soothing hydration and acne care.


Please keep in mind that my skin type and concerns might be completely different than yours. My experience with a product may differ from your own experience. I urge you to do your research as well on products or ingredients. I am not a medical expert, and if you need medical advice, please seek the opinion of a trained medical professional.

All of the thoughts and opinions expressed on this blog are of my own. My posts are not paid or sponsored by any affiliates unless stated otherwise within the post.